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Dr Andy Colborne writes:

My career in STM publishing has centred on publishing management of books and journals.  In recent years my specialisation has become more oriented to clinical medicine and biomedical sciences. My experience covers mosts aspects of the publishing business from an editorial standpoint, including marketing and sales, and I have worked successfully in both large and small publishing operations with varying degrees of staff and project management responsibilities, overseeing a diverse product range. 

As regards copy-editing I was taught by Judith Butcher’s school at Cambridge University Press and handled more than 20 books for CUP in the early eighties. These foundation skills in word craft  have been crucial throughout my career. I have adapted these skills to editing on-screen and I am accustomed to producing electronic files appropriately edited, tagged and styled for direct typesetting.

My track record in product development includes the highly successful journals Biosensors and Bioelectronics, Toxicology in Vitro and Cytokine and Growth Factor Reviews (all published now by Elsevier) and I have commissioned dozens of books in biological sciences and clinical medicine.

This broad-based knowledge enables me to communicate diplomatically and  effectively with authors, editors and professionals both inside and outside the publishing house; an approach essential to resolve difficulties satisfactorily on sensitive issues of editorial policy and practice.

Full details of my career may be found in the Curriculum Vitae on this website.


Abingdon, April, 2014